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Lincoln navigator
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Condition New
Year 02-2018

Vehicle Details

Condition New
Make Lincoln
Model Navigator
Year 02-2018
Transmission Automatic

Vehicle Description



Twin-Turbocharged 450-horsepower engine

Find yourself at ease and in command with a twin-turbocharged 3.5L engine and a 10-speed transmission.  The engine, capable of producing 450-horsepower,* represents a number of firsts for Lincoln, including electronic control of a turbocharged engine and dual-point fuel injection.  With the addition of a 10-speed transmission, drivers and passengers will experience a smooth and controlled ride with this impressive engine power plus the 10-speed transmission.
*Horsepower and torque ratings achieved using 93-octane fuel. Lincoln Black Label model shown.


Second- and Third-Row Comfort

We spent a great deal of time where you spend your time — inside. Every surface and space inside the Lincoln Navigator is optimized to deliver an immense level of comfort, not to mention best-in-class second- and third-row leg room.* Our versatile cabin features one-touch tilt-and-slide second-row seats and a power-reclining third row that show a unified approach to comfort, space and style for all.
*Class is Large Premium Utilities based on Lincoln segmentation.