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LPG installations

An LPG installation for your RAM or other American cars? An LPG installation immediately makes your American vehicle – which is usually delivered without – more attractive. Leie Auto’s, with head office in Zulte, is authorised to execute the installation for you. The result is a more powerful, economical, flexible and ecological car. Currently, LPG is by far the cheapest fuel in Belgium. For the installation of your LPG tank, we work with the Prins Autogas System products, for 20 years the leader in the development of alternative fuel systems for passenger cars, medium and heavy commercial vehicles. All without sacrificing quality and safety.

LPG installation: what is it?

LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) is an alternative to petrol and therefore especially advantageous for cars with higher consumption (such as American cars). The investment of the installation costs, in other words, is quickly earned back. An added advantage: an engine with LPG tank is a lot more environmentally friendly and more efficient (because it is more wear-resistant) than a diesel or petrol engine. In short, nothing but benefits! Especially since we work with the highly regarded Prins LPG installation system.

Placement, maintenance and authorisation

Thanks to the merger of Leie Auto’s and Auto-Techno bvba, we can offer more than 40 years of experience in installing LPG in cars. Our registration number ensures that we meet the most stringent government standards and that your LPG is fitted by qualified personnel. In addition, we guarantee correct electronic adjustment, complete maintenance and the provision of the correct LPG certificates. Don’t hesitate, make an appointment!

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